Blower Door Testing Toronto

Want to learn how to increase energy efficiency, comfort level and enjoy clean indoor air? Let FLUXAIR determine your home or business’s airtightness and find deficiencies in building enclosure with our innovative blower door testing in Toronto.

Believe it or not, a building’s tightness can determine the amount of energy consumption, moisture condensation, cold air drafts, and the amount of indoor pollution. A blower door test uses a fan to pull air out of the building, which lowers air pressure inside. The outside air then flows into the openings and cracks. Our trained professionals then test the air infiltration rate of the residence or business. Using this test, our experts will review any sources of energy loss, drafts, and possible air pollution.

Save on energy costs with FLUXAIR blower door testing and environmental solutions.


During the professional FLUXAIR blower door test, we will detect areas where your home or business is wasting energy.

With added complete HVAC, ductwork and other mechanical system diagnostics, a comprehensive CHECK-UP of entire house or office in its dynamic state is accomplished. Any deviation from optimum operation or sizing is recorded.

Our staff will work with you to help you find the best home energy upgrades to solve your energy efficiency and clean air issues.


Our trained professionals will use the blower door tests to detect any drafts and leaks in your building. They will find ways to increase overall energy efficiency in the home or business. Residences that have significant cold drafts may be uncomfortable. However, by finding these leaks and addressing them with FLUXAIR’s unique environmental solutions, your family can enjoy a comfortable winter. Additionally, save significantly on your yearly energy costs. Increase the value of your home with upgrades that will add more insulation and energy


By increasing overall energy efficiency and lowering energy costs through sensible upgrades, you will reduce your overall carbon footprint. Reduce greenhouse gases significantly when you address insulation issues, energy efficiency, and air leaks in the building. Talk with our experienced staff about how you can lower energy costs and impact. Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you will also save money on energy costs longterm.


Reduce the amount of pollution entering your home or business. By improving the air quality in your building, you may reduce health issues resulting from air pollution and a lack of insulation. Air pollution can cause significant irritation and illness in hypersensitive individuals. Eliminate these issues by increasing overall energy efficiency and addressing any leaks and drafts. Set up a consultation today. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you.


Fluxair has certified experienced professionals that will find the source of contamination, provide top-notch customer service, and improve air quality.


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